PSV Dutch Legends vs Refilwe Youth League

How often do you see celebrity footballers playing just metres away?In the run-up to the World Cup draw this Friday in Cape Town, the country is awash with footballers and a wild variety of bobos, WAGs and other hangers-on.

So it came about that last Monday we went to see a team of famous Dutch PSV footballers play a charity match against local teams Fat Cats and Refilwe Youth League on a very lumpy field by the Refilwe community village, miles out of town, with food and some wild Zulu dancing (exclusive photos below) after the match. A dozen policemen equipped with very big guns and ammo belts were present to protect the millionaires, but the atmosphere was relaxed, with dozens of people from the surrounding village delighted to be witnessing the game, and cheering on both sides.

I’m no football fan myself but it was quite obvious these guys are very good at the game and even recognised some of them from watching the European Cup games on TV in my student days. Ruud Gullit was apparently walking around but as he’d cut his hair I didn’t spot him. I did recognise Frank de Boer and Pierre van Hooijdonk … but who are the others? Answers in the comments please.

De Boer in action against the Fat Cats

The Legends with the Fat Cats

The Legends posing with Refilwe YL

Van Hooijdonk shakes it Zulu-style. De Boer chickened out and refused to dance.

The man is talented.


6 responses to “PSV Dutch Legends vs Refilwe Youth League

  1. Hey Jeroen. Great story. As far as I can judge, the other 2 players are Arthur Numan and Aron Winter. What do I win ?

  2. … and the keeper?

  3. You’ve got them all – Gullit, De Boer, Winter, Numan, Van Hojdoonk. But the keeper? That is a tricky one. He may not actually be a keeper which would make it a bit confusing as the Dutch keepers for as long as I can remember were Van der Saar (hero) and De Goey.
    Can’t figure out which is weirder. Gullit playing 5-a-side in the middle of nowhere in SA or you being at any kind of football match.

    REPLY: Very true. I heard the keeper was just some random local Dutch chap who was asked to play along.

  4. Hoi Jeroen,
    Great story indeed. And yes, Arthur Numan and Aron Winter. Keeper? No idea.,1,22


  5. PS. Ruud is the guy in the black polo shirt.

  6. dats not frank de boer..its ronald de boer…

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