Ke nako kit

Ke nako – it’s time! We had vuvuzelas tooting away in Melville at all hours last night. After years of speculation, today we’ll see what South Africa’s national team, FIFA, the stadiums, the transport infrastructure and the fans are really capable 0f.

Yesterdays wonderful opening concert saw Desmond Tutu proclaiming we’re all Africans, Alicia Keys singing about Joburg being the concrete jungle where dreams are made, and Shakira playbacking to her own hips.  Now it’s time for the real deal.

Here’s our essential ‘ke nako kit’ for the opening ceremony and the South Africa vs Mexico game later today:

  • 1 Holland flag
  • 1 Poland flag (OK, they’re not competing, but m’lady needs to stand out in the yellow-green crowd for the folks back home in Wroclaw)
  • 1 Holland cap
  • 1 Holland shirt (unofficial)
  • 1 pair of orange Holland gloves with removable fingertips (hope the Olympics logo won’t cause problems)
  • 1 orange hairpiece for the lady
  • 1 binoculars (to spy on Mugabe)
  • 4 industrial-strength herriestoppers (earplugs)
  • no vuvuzela (the only one we have is Philips-branded and won’t be allowed in for fear of a Sony sales slump)

We’re also bringing our thermal underwear as it’s going to be a 5-6 hour sit on one of the coldest days of the year – temperatures are between 9-16°C, and after weeks of blue skies it’s grey today.

Although the odds are against ‘us’, we’re hoping for a Bafana Bafana win of course – it’s just what the country needs. Fingers crossed.


One response to “Ke nako kit

  1. veel plezier!! ik zwaai terug! karin

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