House Of The Holy Afro

The Market Theatre in Newtown, Joburg’s cultural precinct, was home to the fantastic House Of The Holy Afro show for the duration of the World Cup. This local production (inspired after the director visited a club in Amsterdam, no less) has been all over the world, but only came home to South Africa last month (so hurrah for football). The show is an extravaganza of Afro-kitsch, disco, lighting, drums, muti (witchcraft) smoke, glitter, gospel and outsized wigs; an incredibly energetic performance backed by a relentless thumping house beat that just does not stop for two hours. The nine dancers/singers (who must be in very good shape if they do this for a living) were jiggling, crooning, shouting, sliding, spitting and jumping all over the place. (They moved so fast that this was the only photo I took that was not blurred by the action.) The audience stands around the catwalk-like stage and is expected to praise the gods on stage by dancing – and so we did. An amazing show, be sure to catch it if it ever heads your way.


One response to “House Of The Holy Afro

  1. Nice, i like it. Market theatre has changed over the years. Keep it up

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