Cool South African products #1: Grand-pa

Time to highlight some South Africa design classics I spotted in the supermarket and elsewhere. First, the “Grand-pa headache powders” that is sold everywhere in South Africa since 1916.

The Grand-pa reading to his grand-kid on the packet may look benign, but he is in fact a hardcore drug-pusher. Each powder sachet contains 453,6mg aspirin, 324mg paracetamol and 64,8mg caffeine; enough to dissolve your stomach lining, cause liver damage, decrease your blood viscosity and get you slightly high, all in one disgustingly acidic gulp of cloudy water. As a result, the web is rife with stories about people getting addicted on the stuff at low cost, and getting stomach ulcers or more lethal symptoms as a result.

I’d stick to the old raw egg with Worcestershire sauce recipe to cure a hangover.


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