Parade on Main

Berlin celebrates the Fête de la Musique festival each year with over 100 stages throughout the city, and hundreds of bands. Joburg is a newcomer to the party, and today the Arts on Main / Main Street Life complex celebrated with a puppet parade on the street and live music inside the Pata Pata bar, the Bioscope cinema and the Chalkboard Café. Together with photographer neighbour David I took the opportunity to have an Ethiopian meal in the sun at the market there, and to visit all floors of the complex to see the photos and artworks on show. As a bonus we also got a quick tour of some of the 12 Decades hotel rooms (see my earlier blog post) and the rather small private studio apartment of an actor resident with rather striking eyelashes.

On the roof of the Main Street Life building, where a new café has art, great views, a bar and soon a pool too.

Joburg’s skyline, with Africa’s tallest building poking into the blue sky.

My favourite room in the 12 Decades hotel, the apartheid-themed 1946-1956 room…

… where the absurd apartheid laws of that era now are firmly engraved inside the toilet bowl.

Each of the floors has artworks; the hotel floor was decorated with photos by the Joburg Photo walkers who I often join on urban photo safaris…

… which is why I can be seen in the middle of this picture 🙂

I wasn’t too enthusiastic about Gordon Froud’s art exhibition in an earlier post, but I think his own ‘minibus taxi crash’ sculpture made of plastic coat hangers (often sold along the road) is great.

The Arts on Main Sunday market. Healthy stuff, clothing, hipsters, art, Ethiopian food.

This is what Johannesburg’s coldest winter day of the year looks like – people enjoying the sun in freezing 13°C conditions.

At chalkboard café. You’re encouraged to scribble on the tables and walls with Chalk.


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  1. Gordon Froud, not David

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