Melville winter

A mid-winter stroll around Melville with inspiring friends, taking in a long brunch at Service Station, Joburg’s best views from the Melville Koppies reserve, suburban streets and local beadworks.

UN Summit, with representatives of the USA, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia and a shady character from the Netherlands.

Towers over Melville.

‘I can make any camera you want’.

Update: here’s Karen’s blog about the very same stroll, but with much better pictures.


4 responses to “Melville winter

  1. Nice pics Heather 🙂 I can’t seem to get your “service station” link to open properly?

  2. Whooops Jeroen – I obviously didn’t read too well 🙂 Great to have stumbled onto your blog. I just love the service station and am sad that is so far from me now – I dream about it sometimes. I will check out the link now that it is fixed. Thanks so much 🙂

  3. Jeroen – if you go there anytime again in the evening I’d love to come along, I still need some nice sunset shots of the Joburg skyliine and haven’t found (or rather dared to go to) the right place for it…

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