Within just two decades, Johannesburg grew from a barren highland field with a handful of tents to a city with skyscrapers. As a mining city it is naughty by nature, and its crime-ridden reputation has people raising eyebrows and checking their wallets when you say you live there.

Johannesburg, Jo’burg, Joburg, Jozi, Egoli – call it what you like, but love it or hate it, it’s the most cosmopolitan, richest, poorest, loveliest, ugliest and most promisingly hopelessly infuriating world-class African city.

A Dutch geographer and travel writer and a Polish supply chain manager, we arrived in August 2009 to stay a few years. If you’ll bear with us we’ll report on our impressions and adventures here. Follow us on twitter (@injoburg) or click to the Flickr photos on the right had side of the blog for more.

So what’s a rand? The Witwatersrand mountain range, meaning ‘the edge’ or ‘ridge of white waters’, gave its name to both this blog and the ‘ZAR’ or Rand, South Africa’s currency. In Joburg, we all live life on the rand.


4 responses to “Rand?

  1. Bonga Sebesho

    Hi there, great blog. Love the mosaic of the Jozi skyline – who is the artist? Thank you, Bonga

    Thanks Bonga. Not sure who the artist is – but it’s part of several mosaics in Newtown’s Bus Factory, which is open to the public.

  2. Big thumbs up – thanks!

  3. Great blog, will link to it from Joburg Expat. Loved your story about Prof. Whako in the mail…

  4. Danke Sine! Haven’t required the Doc’s help for a while thankfully.

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